1. Chile - Iquique - Humblestone - 50 years after the town of Humblestone was abandoned this house remains 


  2. Chile - Iquique - Humblestone - Knifes and Forks, Kids toys from left from an abandoned mining town.


  3. Chile - Iquique - Humblestone - bits and pieces 


  4. Chile//San Pedro Atacama//May//Moon like landscapes, IIamas, -12 degrees and my Van.


    Between 1,500 - 400AD some seriously tough desert hunters first settled in this harsh location. Whilst hunting animals and searching for water they found a home. By around 1450 AD the Incas had started spreading to all of latin America and took Atacama for their own, naturally their religious beliefs and hierarchical values were felt throughout Atacama. The Atacama people have not lost their history and the people of today and working hard to make sure that their culture is known and remembered. 


    List-form this time, as I’m about a month out of Atacama. Ok, ok, I feel guilty about not writing more as The Atacama Desert was fucking amazing! When i first saw the desert, I felt the excitement that I have seen in people when they first see the ocean. As dry, harsh and relenting as it can be it has an indescribable allure in its sparseness. I was inlove, despite the freezing nights, and every morning having to wear two pairs of socks on my hands so that my fingers wouldn’t fall off while taking photos. 


    Having a van and escaping those horrible tour groups/Piedras Rojas/salar de tara/Altiplanic Lagoons/Geyser del Tatio/Valle de Luna/sleeping in Laguna Chaxa under a purple sky and full moon. 

    Most Tweakable.

    Not having my wonderfully Emily with me. And the cold, -10 degrees nights in a van with really cheap sleeping bags is not fun. 

    Yum Yum. 

    A soup I made one night, in reality it wasn’t that good. Just a few basic veggies, rice, cumin and salt and pepper. But its amazing how good hot soup tastes when you’re six layers of clothing deep and chattering at the jaw. 

    Sound Track. 

    Depeche Mode/Beatles/Father John Misty/Nina Simone 


  5. Chile - San Pedro Atacama - Arriving 


  6. Chile - San Pedro Atacama - Leaving 


  7. Chile - San Pedro Atacama - Wild Fox 


  8. Chile - San Pedro Atacama - Breaky


  9. Chile - San Pedro Atacama - Looking at the moon, looking at earth


  10. Chile - San Pedro Atacama - Geysers - Pathways and Rituals 


  11. Chile - San Pedro Atacama - Playing in the Clouds


  12. Chile - San Pedro Atacama - Geysers - Mysterious Earth


  13. Chile - San Pedro Atacama - IIamas escaping the dry desert, finding refuge in the water


  14. Chile - San Pedro Atacama - IIamas escaping the dry desert, finding refuge in the water


  15. Chile - San Pedro Atacama - Endless